People research online for every single need they have and the benefits of having an online presence are limitless. In addition to showcase your products and services on your website how do you make sure people land on the exact product page you want them to buy? How do you build an online customer experience that drive more sales?

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Key challenges


Rich content

Regularly updated website with relevant information for every segment of your target.



No matter the amount of data on your website it has to be easy to navigate through pages.



Adapt the content to the type of device without affecting the overall online experience.

Our solution

Whether a simple information website or an e-commerce site, businesses have to make the online experience delightful for users. RightCom XP™ is a platform that enables you to collect experience feedback as well as interests of visitors.

Running deep analysis of the data gives you insights on potential and current customers’ preferences and expectations and enables you to adjust your strategy in order to meet their demand.

  • Time saving

    Autoresponders allow to be attentive to users and automatically reach a wider audience while saving time.

  • Customized experiences

    Access to data on users’ personal information and history enhances personalized interactions and marketing.

  • Customer retention

    Websites that give the feeling of human interaction with users are more appreciated and make customers loyal.

  • Increased sales

    Repeat visitors to a website fosters engagement, which is more likely to boost sales and generate referrals.

What are the risks?

Loss of customers

Loss of customers

A business without an online presence with outstanding experiences will lose customers.

Low engagement

Low engagement

The risk of a lower customer engagement is high for companies without a tailored online CX.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation

Consumers will not value or trust your brand if you do not offer an online experience.


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