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People use social media to engage with brands more than ever. With over three billion people using social media around the world, it's a strategic channel that no business can neglect to reach almost half the world’s population. Are you taking advantage of it to improve your customer experience?

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Key challenges


Reputation risk

Users are more inclined to share negative feedback and bad news has a habit of travelling faster than good. It can affect your reputation.


Time intensive

If a company is unable to maintain a favorable round-the-clock profile it can be more damaging than not having an online presence at all.



Unhappy customers have a platform on which to share their grievances with millions of people that might not otherwise been aware of the issue.

Our solution

RightCom XP™ helps companies turn social media data into strategic insights. We help you getting in-depth knowledge from the various segments of consumer and understanding the needs, preferences and different type of issues they face during their interactions with your brand.

  • Market Insights

    Companies can use social media as a complementary research tool to better understand the market.

  • Brand loyalty

    Customers are 62% more loyal to brands that directly engage with them on social media.

  • Higher Conversion rate

    A great CX on social media enables companies to personify their brand through constant interaction with their customers.

  • Higher ROI

    Insights from social media helps tailoring services and delivering five to eight times the ROI.

What are the risks?

Loss of grow opportunities

Loss of grow opportunities

Social media offers a great opportunity to reach more qualified leads , an opportunity you might lose.

Loss of competitive edge

Loss of competitive edge

It's almost impossible to win in the market without delivering a great customer experience on social media.

Loss of Credibility

Loss of Credibility

The first thing many people do before making a purchase decision is check the company’s Facebook page.


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