Despite the increase of online shopping and mobile applications, customers are still visiting physical shops to touch, try on or interact with the products. Physical shops or office branches are under pressure to improve the digital experience in order to delight the customers. How do you build your in-store or branch customer journey?

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Key challenges


Digital Experience

Customers want more product interaction, a digital experience in stores and and swift service from the staff.



Building customer journeys that entices customers to make a purchase is more complex than ever.


Staff training

Employees that lack the training and tools to deliver seamless experiences affect the business performance.

Our solution

Stores and branches have to make significant changes in the marketing, advertising and communication efforts, as well as the operational processes, to succeed in Experience management.
RightCom XP™ helps you mapping stakeholders’ journeys, collecting key information, feedback and emotions and generating insights.

  • Customer loyalty

    When customers feel happy and have great in-store experiences, they increase their frequentation and purchase.

  • Customized experiences

    Insights from stakeholders help employees deliver special treatment to each customer, which increases in-person visits.

  • Empowered employees

    Frontline employees that are empowered with real time customer data have perform better.

  • Increased revenues

    A combination of great customer service and customized journey positively affects the revenue.

What do you risk?

Low frequentation

Low frequentation

Companies that fail to invest in in-store experience management see have a low foot traffic



Failing to provide a consistent and digital experience at the branches or stores is a risk to consider.

Loss of profit

Loss of profit

The profit per square foot is directly linked to the overall experience. A low score is a bad indicator.


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