Interactive kiosks are found at airports, restaurants, shops, banks, hotels and more. The design, the user experience, the velocity and contextual information are some key features to deliver a delightful experience. How do you ensure that the experience provided on your kiosks always meets the expectation?

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Key challenges



How to assure the kiosk experience is always convenient, intuitive and contextual?


Human Assistance

How do you assure that the staff is well trained to assist customers especially first users?



How do you manage when a technical issue occurs while customers use the kiosk?

Our solution

A seamless integration of RightCom XP™ feedback management tool with your kiosk will allow you to analyzing the data collected from all user interactions, give you a holistic view of what works and what doesn’t in the customer journey and ultimately how to enhance the experience.

  • Cross-selling & Upselling

    People are more likely to opt for customizations when getting suggestion via kiosk, and these add-ons can boost sales.

  • Brand loyalty

    Giving the kiosk experience some personality helps maintaining brand loyalty and awareness.

  • Enhanced experience

    Integrating kiosks as channel for your customers improve their experience and cuts wait time dramatically.

  • Staff performance

    With kiosks staff can assist several customers at the same time without affecting the quality of service.

What are the risks?

Customer frustration

Customer frustration

There is a risk of having frustrated customers when there is a heavy foot-traffic.

Staff efficiency

Staff efficiency

The frontline employees tend to lose efficiency when they are overwhelmed.



The more companies in the same industry opt for kiosks the higher the risk for your business.


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