Customer Care

Customer Care keep customers happy by actively listening to them and ensuring their interactions with the company is delightful. As word of mouth travels fast and consumers become more demanding, an outstanding experience is no longer optional. How do you deliver the brand promise?

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Key challenges



Customers will likely be more satisfied with companies that deliver real time solutions.


Multiple Channels

It's real challenge to deliver a seamless care experience across all the channels.



Handling customer complaints, feedback or requests require powerful and flexible tools.

Our solution

High level of CX automation to support customer service requests.

RightCom XP™ helps companies develop digital-first customer experiences that leverage the power of customer care automation to provide the highly contextual, artificial intelligence-powered pre- and post-purchase assistance that most people demand.

  • Improved MTTR

    Automating dialogue generation and optimizing service interactions reduce drastically the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

  • Customer Knowledge

    Get to know your customers by carefully keeping a record of all interactions and preferences.

  • Collaboration

    Customer care agents who can exchange customer data with other departments are more empowered.

  • Increased sales

    Improved customer service has an impact on both existing customers and potential customers. They share and are also loyal.

What are the risks for Customer Care?

Customer churn

Customer churn

Without proactive customer care, it is hard for companies to retain customers and build their loyalty.

Personalized service

Personalized service

Failure to deliver tailored and contextualized service to customers leads affects the brand value

Loss of turnover

Loss of turnover

Companies that do not invest in efficient customer care tend to lose revenue on the long run.


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