RightCom unveils the new version of its Digital Signage solution

RightCom unveils a brand new version of its digital signage solution RightPlayer which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to create unique contextual communication. 
One of the new features with this version is the ability for companies regardless the industry (retail, telecom, healthcare, airports, financial services, education, etc.) to create smart campaigns that only display on screens based on real time events such as :

  • visitor’s emotions, age or gender in a mall, hospital or check-point
  • decreased customer satisfaction in a banking hall
  • high interest for a product in a mobile store
  • heavy foot traffic in an specific shop area
  • frustrated passengers at the airport
  • product almost out of stock
  • weather or road traffic

The possibilities of real time events that the new version of RightPlayer can process before displaying a campaign are unlimited. With such features companies will now be able to deliver a tailored customer experience, engage their visitors with relevant information right when they need it and create an environment where people feel relaxed, find responses before even asking a question.

The new software can also be easily integrated with other RightCom softwares and third-party systems to create seamless experience for administrators. The admin can monitor campaign performances in few clicks, analyse reports and trends, update contents from a smartphone or tablet.

The key benefits of RightPlayer for any decision-maker looking for a digital signage solution that can really impact the business are :

  1. Simplicity: RightPlayer software is extremely simple to use with a flat user interface design, pre-designed templates, intuitive navigation between menus and responsiveness.
  2. Affordability: The software is hardware-agnostic and can run on most popular operating systems and any screen. Whether your company uses Windows environment or not, the cost of running RightPlayer on your network of screens does not require a high upfront capital expense.
  3. State-Of-The-Art Technology: This new version of RightPlayer comes with impressive technological advancements with Machine Learning capabilities and high level of integration with third-party systems in order to make the contents displayed on the screens more relevant and contextual.

RightPlayer is available for the following operating systems: Windows OS, macOS, Linux, Tizen and Android TV.

Being able to deliver the right information at the right time enhances your customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Request a demo to learn more about how RightPlayer can improve your customer engagement.

RightCom is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the provider of one of the world’s leading customer experience platform. Founded in 2012, RightCom creates technologies that improve the customer experience regardless the use case or industry. Global enterprises worldwide rely on our technology to make smart decisions for their business, create positive customer experiences that in turn drive revenue potential. The company’s products make it simple and fast to gather strategic data about customer journey, product/service performance and distribution channels. RightCom software processes millions of interactions daily in various industries (telecom, financial services, retail, healthcare, government) and have positively impacted people lives in about 15 countries to date.

Photos: samsung.com