RightCom is now Silver Star VIP Partner

After two years of successful partnership with Star Micronics, RightCom is now Silver Star VIP Partner.

Star Micronics supplies RightCom with its range of mobile printers, kiosk printers and POS printers. The collaboration started in 2015 when RightCom integrated for the first time Star mobile printers with RightQ, its Smart Queue Management system.

This marks a new step in RightCom’ strategy to strengthen its collaboration with key manufacturers in portable ticket printers. Star Micronics has one the largest ranges of kiosk printers currently available offering durability, versatility and the dedicated printing features necessary for RightQ installations. With over 30 years of specialist knowledge, Star offer expert advice and has the resources to accommodate even the most demanding of kiosk applications.

Star Micronics’ range of wireless portable ticket printers are compact, lightweight and reliable. The design makes it easy to print high quality queue tickets directly from RightQ Welcomer application on tablets or smartphones.

RightCom is committed to deliver a seamless experience through its unified Customer Experience Platform and with the new version of RightQ Welcomer, printing a queue ticket on Star Micronics’ printers has never been easier.

RightQ Welcomer application connected via Bluetooth to Star Printer SM-S220i 


 About RightCom

RightCom is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the provider of one of the world’s leading customer experience platform. Founded in 2012, RightCom creates technologies that improve the customer experience regardless the use case or industry. Global enterprises worldwide rely on our technology to make smart decisions for their business, create positive customer experiences that in turn drive revenue potential. The company’s products make it simple and fast to gather strategic data about customer journey, product/service performance and distribution channels. RightCom software processes millions of interactions daily in various industries (telecom, financial services, retail, healthcare, government) and have positively impacted people lives in about 15 countries to date.

About Star Micronics

Founded in Japan in 1947, Star Micronics Co. Ltd.  one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, has developed a range of Point of Sale products incorporating some of the most advanced printing technology available today.It is Star’s extensive experience in manufacturing in other market areas including mobile phone transducers, component parts and above all machine tools along with its pioneering high-tech manufacturing processes which led to Star’s expertise in producing its own range of point of sale printers over 30 years ago.