How Orange conquered the Customer Experience battleground?

Three years ago, Orange, one of the largest operators of mobile and internet services in Europe and Africa and a global leader in corporate telecommunication services presented its new strategic plan to 2020, called “Essentials2020” building on the “Conquests 2015” plan launched in 2010.

The company has set itself a strong, demanding and unique ambition for this strategic plan: to provide each of its customers, wherever they are, an incomparable service experience.

To serve this ambition, the Group will leverage five main drivers:
1.    Offering richer connectivity.
2.    Reinventing the customer relationship.
3.    Building a people-oriented and digital employer model.
4.    Accompanying the transformation of enterprise customers.
5.    Diversifying by capitalizing on its assets.

According to Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Orange, “this five-year strategic plan is focused firmly on our customers.”

One of the five main drivers (Reinventing the customer relationship) is is closely tied to Customer Experience Management. Mid-2015 we had the opportunity of offering Orange our technologyexpertise and thorough knowledge of the CX market.

This marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between Orange and RightCom to help all subsidiaries in Africa achieve the Essentials2020 goal of reinventing the customer relationship.

Today almost 50% of Orange subsidiaries in the world use our Smart Queue and Customer Feedback management systems to deliver outstanding in-store experiences.

Since then, we have been assisting Orange delivering one of the best in-store customer experiences in the telecommunications industry.

Here are the two biggest achievements of this collaboration.

Challenge 1: Orange wants to become number 1 in NPS for three out of four customers by 2018, and to remain so.

Our solution: Orange has deployed in almost all shops in Middle East and Africa, RightCom XP™ Hot NPS Survey tool to measure the company NPS score after each customer interaction with frontline staff. The HOT NPS Survey tool has been configured with two-ways SMS as channel to collect the score + comments from customers. The key benefits of using two-ways SMS as channel are as follow:

  • It works on every phone from Nokia 3310 to iPhone X.
  • It’s free for the customer, which increases the response rate.
  • It’s convenient. You receive an SMS from a short code and simply reply as you write to a friend.

Benefits: Three out of four customers give a NPS score of 70 or beyond. The response rate has increased by 50%.

Challenge 2: Orange is aiming for 50% digitization of interactions with its customers by 2018, versus just over 30% back to 2015.

Our solution: Orange has deployed in more than 10 countries our Smart Queue Management system (RightQ) and Digital Signage software (RightPlayer) to create a unique digital in-store customer journey from the service query to customer satisfaction. A holistic approach of customer experience management.

Watch in action the Orange Luxembourg case study.

Benefits: 100% digital experience from customer arrival to departure. Our unified technology allows Orange to engage the customer via mobile push notifications and contextual digital signage campaigns.

In conclusion, leading companies know the importance of a great customer experience to remain competitive in the market. But to win this new battleground, the whole organization, from leadership team to frontline employees must become customer-centric.