3 ways to enrich the customer experience with human interaction

Customer experience is a strategic issue for any company that wants to achieve sustainable growth. 42% of people are willing to buy a brand’s products if they like the customer experience, according to a study by SAP Hybrids conducted in January 2018.

Implementing management tools  will enable you to leverage technology to build strong connection between you and your stakeholders. Nevertheless, it is necessary that technology does not completely overcome the human component, a real asset to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

RightCom shares with you the path to follow in order to take advantage of technology and human to win in the market.

1. A real person as point of contact

Once you choose a multi-channel relationship, you have the power to adapt to the different customer profiles. The waiting tolerance of a customer to be satisfied is increasingly low. You must respond quickly to his/her needs and exceed his expectations regardless of the mode of conversation.
Associating real people and technology tools in points of sale or call centers undeniably allows you to create and nourish a strong connection with your customer. Thus, frontline agents, call center agents, reception or sales staff must be trained, have the perfect speech and behavior and possess emotional qualities.
The first direct interaction with the client sets the tone for the next minutes of the conversation with him/her. If entering into an accountant’s office, it turns out to be messy and filled with documents piled on the ground, it is possible that you would think twice before giving them your finance management!
Everyone is receptive to courtesy and active listening. It is key when you deal with complex requests that require human resources intervention.
Finally, if your team invest their time in active listening, you will discover the power of empathy on clients! Your frontline teams must be able to project themselves into the client’s situation and try to understand his feelings. Customer-centric model is a strategy that must be shared by the entire organization and fully integrated with the corporate culture. Do not skimp on training or workshops to improve your staff’s skills.

2. A tailored communication

In this era of social media, the customer has more power and would prefer the brands that are more customer-centric in their communication. Instant messages, social network notifications, push SMS, flyers or commercials are common ways to engage the customer. But you have to keep consistency of the information across all the channels and make it sounds unique to each person.

By analyzing the customer’s habits, personal information and interactions with your brand, you can use our technology to automate tailored communication that will deliver the brand promise.By feeling valued, understood, the customer will be willing to share more accurately his needs or preferences . Those informations are key in order to deliver an excellent service. Imagine, you enter a restaurant and the waiter greets you with your name and serves you your favorite cocktail even before you place your order.

This type of service creates an emotional connection between the customer and your brand. He will feel unique and it becomes difficult for the competition to beat you. Invest in a technology that can deliver a tailored communication effortlessly.

3. A close relationship

In everyday life, people use their connected devices (phone, tablet, laptop) more than 100 times. Find a way to be part of their daily lives. This allows you to create a close after-sales relationship. Creating an emotional relationship with the customer increases loyalty to your brand rather than the competition. The goal is to have people like more your brand values than your products. If you pick up your car at the mechanics and not only the car was repaired but in addition the garage has managed to remove a greasy stain on the back seat that you have not been able to do for months. How would it make you feel? Chances are high that you will recommend their services to your friends and family even if they are more expensive than average. That’s how you build a close relationship by going extra mile for your customers. Finally remember that every employee is your brand ambassador.