We create the technologies that improve the Customer, Employee, Patient, Citizen, Brand, Product Experience

By 2020 more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience.



The leading Enterprise Data & Experience Management Platform.

Customer Experience

Create memorable interactions regardless of the channel of contact. Let RightCom support you with every single issue raised by the customer.

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Employee Experience

Share human-centered moments that matter in the full employee lifecycle from talent attraction to retirement or separation.

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Patient Experience

Develop a patient-centered relationship from appointments to hospital bills. Holistically care about the patients’ emotions and pain points along their journey.

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Citizen Experience

Increase citizens’ trust in public sector and reduce frustrations with government services by implementing a citizen-centric approach.

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Brand Experience

Build the brand reputation, benchmark the competition and listen to consumers to understand how best you can win their heart.

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Product Experience

Understand consumer's needs in our rapidly changing world is key for successful product experience. We help you unlock the critical moments.

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Professional Services

Applying deep industry expertise and our methodology, RightCom Professional Services help you implement and setup the right solution for your unique requirements, providing a platform from which you can dramatically improve and grow your business while driving costs out of your operations.

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